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Black Tea

Black tea is a completely oxidized tea. It’s ready within a day, and when brewed, gives us a bright orange liquor. These teas are withered, rolled, oxidized and dried before being sorted into various grades. They are also most widely used to make blends. Strong in flavour and aroma, these teas are ideally consumed plain or at times with a few drops of lime and honey . It is also a favourite for making iced brews.

What is Black Tea ?

When you need a little pick me up at any time of day, Black Tea has got your back!
Black tea is completely oxidized tea, unlike green tea for example which is lightly oxidised. This tea experiences a cycle of culling, shriveling, moving, oxidation, and drying, bringing about the trademark dark shaded leaves and significant level of caffeine. Consequently, black teas have more grounded flavor profile than white, green or oolong teas.
It is the most commonly consumed tea in the world and therefore the most ordinarily produced tea in India.

Types of black teas

Black tea is of a number types, relying on the place it is grown. It is most famously grown in India, Sri Lanka and China. it's the foremost commonly consumed tea within the world. you'll expect to seek out various sorts of black teas from all the main tea growing regions in India - including Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra, the Nilgiris and Nepal and a few parts of North Malay Archipelago (Dooars and Terai). They differ not only from one another but also from season to season.

Assam tea known for its strong malty flavor and bright burgundy color.
Ceylon tea is a single origin black tea grown and manufactured in Sri Lanka. Ceylon is a medium-bodied tea with a citrusy quality.
Darjeeling tea comes from the Darjeeling District of India and is one of the most well-known types of black tea. It is a light-colored tea with a "muscatel" flavor.

Black tea may include ingredients that improve its unique flavors or may make the tea more aromatic. Some commonly used ingredients in black tea blends are:
• If Spices to make Masala Chai.
• Flower buds and petals like rose, chamomile, hibiscus.
• Leaves like mint and rosemary.

Selecting the best black tea

Black tea varieties are different from each region. It is a classic go-to when people feel sickly or when they just need to heat up with a hot refreshment. For these who pick rich and powerful flavors, a Darjeeling Summer Flush or Assam won’t disappoint. For those who favor a light loose leaf black tea, select from the spring, autumn and Nilgiri wintry weather flush teas.

Healthy Benefit of black tea

Black tea isn't only a delightful cup. It is stacked with health benefits that will cause you to feel great about tasting an extra cup of Black tea during the day.
1. It may improve heart health and control bad cholesterol.
2. Relieve asthma, stress and diarrhea.
3. Black tea is viewed to be beneficial in treating intestinal disorders.
4. Improve oral health and mental sharpness.
5. Improves bone health & immune system

Caffeine Content in black tea

Caffeine in black teas may vary quite a bit. The longer the tea bag or loose leaf black tea is steeped in water, the more caffeine will be present. On an average, a cup of black tea may contain 42 mg of caffeine.

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